Handcrafted production

Since 1964, we have hardly changed our
artisanal manufacturing mode. At the height of industrial techniques, we perpetuate artisanal recipes in which certain chocolates are worked exclusively by hand, cut with a knife and delicately coated with a fork.

chocolats poncioni

Careful selection

The heritage of this know-how gives our recipes a texture and smoothness that only a passion for something well done makes inimitable.

The care we take in the selection of cocoas of noble origins allows us, like a great wine, to create harmonious blends of fine chocolate.

Quality ingredients

Like our cocoas, we select all our ingredients from the best productions
(cream, butter, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, fruits, spices, alcohol, etc.)

The ingredients that make up the chocolate candy are extremely important and are often the denominator that will make the recipe excellent.

“No good recipe without good products”

Paul Bocuse